Guadalcanal Premier Stephen Panga says the province continues to pursue and implement important programs in respect of reconciliation and furthering the healing process within the province.

Mr Panga says the province and the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace have discussed an initiative called the Sycamore Tree Project.

He says the project hinges on repentance and forgiveness which targets victims and perpetrators who have been affected in the conflict.

Mr Panga says as a new initiative taken from the Bougainville Crisis, the project aims to address reconciliation and healing in accordance with the customs and cultures of Guadalcanal.

He says project facilitators will conduct counseling workshops for both the victims and perpetrators.

It aims to transform the hearts of people affected or relatives of deceased persons to understand that offenders are going to take up responsibilities in reconciliation.

Mr Panga says this initiative must not be mistaken with on-going reconciliation programs, but is a process complementary to achieving permanent reconciliation, peace and unity.

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