A four days National Consultation workshop by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MFAET) for the country’s overseas Heads of Missions (HOM) and other relevant stakeholders is currently underway in Honiara.

The workshop which started on Tuesday aims to project the overall purpose of the country’s Missions abroad as frontiers for Solomon Islands national interests.

It is expected that an outcome from the consultation will form part of the review process for forward planning and mapping out the Ministry’s new Corporate Plan.

The first two days of consultation gave an opportunity to participants to have an overview perspective of the NCRA Government 2012-2013 policy priorities, achievements and challenges.

Presentations made during the first two days have informed participants of the legislative and progressive reforms made by the Government since 2012 to present.

A series of other subsequent presentations also highlights interlinks and coordination of work relations between line Government Ministries, Private Sector and the wider community to MFAET and the country’s Overseas Missions.

The consultation also covers key presentations by Heads of Missions with the intention to provide an insight to their roles representing the Government and people abroad and their tasks in advancing and promoting key potential areas for investment, trade, trade, development assistance and extensive opportunities for Solomon Islands.

The final two days of the consultation provides an avenue for the MFAET and Heads of Missions to review and assess respective work plans and operational activities for the 2012-2013 and briefly review the corporate plan 2011-2013 and to assess how and whether resources have been used effectively and efficiently for achieving its overall work plan and objectives.

The consultation is also an opportunity for all Overseas Missions with staff of MFAET to review the foreign policy objectives of the Government.

It is hoped that this review exercise will be pursued taking into account the dynamics of international relations, regional and international trade and the global system in whole with a view of setting a future roadmap and vision for MFAET.

The consultation ends on Friday.


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit