Solomon Islands Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, acknowledges outgoing Special Coordinator of RAMSI, Tim George, for his contribution in helping the nation find its way forward.

The occasion last night to farewell Mr. George, who ends his tenure of office as Special Coordinator of the mission this week, was attended by heads of the country, parliamentarians and other dignitaries.

Speaking at the farewell, Sir Nathaniel thanked Mr. George for his role in heading the mission over the past two years to direct the nation down the road to a better future.

Sir Nathaniel said the appointment that brought Mr. George to the Solomons was "not by accident but by purpose".

"You have been a helping hand during a time when Solomon Islands was searching for its peace," the Governor General adds.

Sir Nathaniel acknowledged Mr. George for his "great help and valuable contribution" that has helped towards the peace development of the country.

He called on the people of Solomon Islands to take on the challenge "to look after ourselves".

Sir Nathaniel challenged the locals to take on, and learn from, people who are in the country to help towards its betterment.