Solomon Islands relationship with Taiwan is not affected by the current global financial crisis.

This was declared by the Taiwanese Ambassador, George Chan during a recent handing over ceremony.

"I declare that Taiwan will always remain as good friend, true partner and a strong ally to Solomon Islands even though the world is facing a financial crisis that has engulfed the world markets."

"Taiwan's commitments to Solomon Islands will remain intact and unchanged," said Mr. Chan.

He said the two countries' friendship and partnership are based on fundamental principles of democracy, freedom, human rights and good governance.

"I speak with my conviction that these projects we have provided as support to the Ministry of Forestry and research will not only contribute enormously to the improvements in quality of life Solomon Islanders but will also provide avenue in the rural areas for them to properly utilize their resources particularly the forest, but also go a long way in enhancing the cordial relationship between our two respective governments, Taiwan and Solomon Islands with its people," Chan said.

He said the decline in logging exports will affect rural families and assistance is timely for the nation to appropriately utilize their resources.

National Express