Betel nuts sold on the streets of Honiara are illegal activities.

Head of law enforcement of Honiara City Council, Robert Madeo says the officers will continue to confiscate betel nuts from those who sell these products on the streets.

Madeo says since the country is still in a state of emergency, law enforcement officers will not back down its duties. He said this is to make sure there are no illegal betel nut market and street vendors.

 "In this state of emergency, we are not sleeping. This is a role we have to play following the government's order. If any vendors are found to continue selling betel nuts along the street, we will arrest them and definitely they will face charges’’, Madeo said.

He said they are working in collaboration with the Royal Solomon Islands police Force, who are supporting their officers to carry out these duties around Honiara.

Madeo adds vendors should avoid selling betel nuts in the street even though the country is still free COVID-19. He said preventive measures should be upheld.

"I appreciated some market vendors like KG and other places who adhere and understand our command and they removed themselves from the market’’.

Madeo reiterates that selling betel nuts in the street is also not allowed under the Honiara City council act. Further to that following government’s call to curb social gathering because of the threat of COVID-19.

"As a result over the weekend our officers had confiscated market stalls and arrested numbers of vendors at white River west of Honiara and brought them to Honiara central police station for further dealing’’.

Madeo urged the general public to report and call his division phone line 27799, if they see vendors selling betel nuts along the streets of Honiara.