To improve personal hygiene the Honiara central market will soon provide a hand wash station.

This is so that public frequenting the market can wash their hands.

Market master Mr. Nelson Sakui said vendors at the central market are yet to change their behavior when it comes to washing of hands.

Sakui says the hand wash project is supported by UNICEF and RWASH.

"So far the project is progressing well. Out teams have identified sites at the market where the wash stations will be location. The sites must be suitable and accessible to both vendors and consumers.”

He said new water tanks will be installed and used in the coming weeks.

Sakui says after non-essential goods at the market were suspended there is now more space at the central market, making it easier to implement such an initiative.

“Cleanliness is one of the keys priorities at the market. We plan to disinfect the market once a fortnight or even weekly. We have already proposed our suggestion to the Fire department since they will provide us with the tools we need to clean the market, especially the water blaster,” Sakui said.

Meanwhile Mr. Sakui advised vendors and general public to take care of the facilities placed inside the market.

He encouraged users to follow instructions given and to wash hands often with soap and water especially for vendors who are dealing with food.

Experts say it is important to maintain one's hygiene amid the Covid-19 pandemic and washing hands thoroughly with soap and water is simple yet effective.

The advice is to wash often, use soap, 20 second rule, then dry. This kills the virus by bursting its protective bubble.