The Provincial Government of Guadalcanal will be conducting a Guadalcanal Province Youth Policy Forum for youths.

The program will run for one week beginning on the 1st- 5th of September and will be held at Visale, West of Guadalcanal. The workshop will involve youths from the neighboring villages of Visale.

Speaking during an interview with the Youth Coordinator of Guadalcanal Province, Mr. Leeroy Alfred Satu stated that the program was planned in line with the CNURA Government's policy for youths.

Mr. Satu told Solomon Times that it is part of the Provincial Governments plan to work in collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs for the good of all youths.

The upcoming program was not the first of its kind and "we had already conducted the similar programmes in Malaita, Isabel and Central Provinces. The Visale program will be the fourth to have been conducted in the country," he added.

He elaborated that the main intention of the program was to deal with the development with youths in general.

However, the Ministry for Women, Youth and Children along with the Guadalcanal Province are targeting mainly ages ranging from 14-29 years.

"We are trying to make something out of the government policy for youths, that would help the rural young people," said Mr. Satu.

He believed that the Youth Forum would help youths become good citizens of Solomon Islands.

Furthermore, Mr. Satu told Solomon Times that during the Forum at Visale, participants will raise their concern and it would be the work of the Provincial Government and the Ministry to do something about it.

"Their genuine ideas from this Forum will lead to a better future for them and from their concerns, we would able to get support from Aid Donors," continues Mr. Satu.