The Premier of Guadalcanal Province Honourable, Stephen Panga, was a guest of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Headquarters on 17 December 2008.

Honourable Panga was invited by Acting Commissioner, Peter Marshall, to inspect a guard of honour put on by Police Officers.

This is the first ever official visit made by any Provincial Premier to the Police Headquarters. The visit was also the first for the Honourable Panga.

Acting Commissioner Marshall welcomed Honourable Panga and thanked the Premier for accepting the invitation and making time available to come visit the Police Headquarters.

"I would like to welcome the Premier of Guadalcanal Province Honourable Stephen Panga this morning. I am pleased that the Premier spares time from his hectic schedule to come and visit us," Acting Commissioner Marshall said.

Premier Panga was then invited by Acting Commissioner Marshall to inspect the guard of honour put on by Police Officers.

The Honourable Premier said that he is very impressed with the professionalism of the RSIP when he gave a short address to the assembled officers.

"I am very impressed with professionalism of the Royal Solomon Islands Police in the way you have continued to provide services to the community in the face of hostility."

Premier Panga also expressed his disappointment on the recent attacks on police officers.

"I deplore the cowardly attacks on police officers carrying out their duties by certain individuals in our communities," he said of the recent attacks on duty officers.

The Honourable Premier was then given a tour around the Police Headquarters by Acting Commissioner Marshall.

Source: Police Media