Guadalcanal Premier Stephen Panga has said the Province is working towards reconciliation with the national government in late October this year.

Premier Panga stated that the talks between Guadalcanal and Malaita Provincial governments last week were "consultative talks as part of the process leading to reconciliation between the two provinces."

Premier Panga says he is making the clarification because some people in the Guadalcanal Province are misleading people about the talks.

He says in a joint communiqué, following last week's consultative talks, that Malaita Provincial Government is supporting Guadalcanal Provincial Governments plan to reconcile with the government as a priority by 22 October this year.

Premier Panga says under the joint communiqué following the talks, "reconciliation between his government and the national government is a prerequisite for reconciliation with Malaita Provincial government and other provinces."

He says under the communiqué if there is an undue delay with the government, the Malaita Provincial Government and Guadalcanal Provincial Government Reconciliation Joint Committee shall make further representations to the parties on how to progress the reconciliation process between the two provinces.