While the Guadalcanal Provincial Government celebrates a milestone in the development of Doma, a fellow Guadalcanal man has expressed dissatisfaction over its choice contractor.

"The locally registered Korean company is Kim. Kim is the same company that owns Kosol and Agape Church. The Challenge of the current provincial executive is to follow what the people of Guadalcanal want and that is to take back the old provincial headquarter land," said Willie Atu.

Willie Atu stated that his main concern is the fact that this Korean investor is the same person that currently sits on the old provincial headquarter premises, a piece of land the current provincial administration vowed to reclaim.

Mr Atu says that he is worried the provincial administration's attention will be diverted to Doma and the Guadalcanal people's wish to regain the old Provincial headquarter will no longer be a priority.

Mr Atu went on to say that the Provincial executive's decision to engage a locally registered Korean company to develop a multi million dollar fishing project and the new provincial headquarter at Doma, North West Guadalcanal, is a grave mistake.