Guadalcanal land owners have suspended discussions and negotiations with the Government and representatives of Gold Ridge Mining Limited over the re-opening of mining operations in the area.

The landowners are represented by three associations who were, until recently, holding discussions with the Government and officials of the Gold Ridge Mining.

A joint communiqué was signed by the chairmen of the three associations representing tribal landowners in the Gold Ridge. The three are, Charles Tani, Chairman of the Gold Ridge Community and Landowners Council, Primo Amusae, Chairman of the Kolombisi Tailings Dam Association and Samson Maneka, Chairman of Metapona Downstream Association.

The signed communiqué by the three chairmen of the landowners Associations stated that contacts with the Government and Gold Ridge Mining Company of Australia have been suspended for an indefinite period.

They also stated that the action taken by them, on behalf of the landowners, was in protest against government's failure and lack of support in addressing issues of concern regarding the proposed mining operations in the Gold Ridge area.

The statement also said that the three associations were disappointed over Government's continuous reluctance to listen to public opposition against the appointment of Julian Moti as the country's Attorney General.

The landowners say their Associations believe the government has focused a lot of its attention and energy on the appointment of Moti and very little attention on national obligations such as the Gold Ridge project.

The leaders also claim that the Government is using dictatorship tactics creating confusion and anxiety among the landowners of the Gold Ridge area.