The people of Guadalcanal are proud new owners of a new ship, which would help in servicing transportation from their port to Honiara.

The MV Solomone, which arrived from Korea on the 15th of March, was officially launched recently at the Honiara Port.

Witnessing the launching was the Honorable Premier for Guadalcanal, Mr. Joseph Salani and the Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, who was the guest of honor.

Speaking during the ceremony was the Premier, Mr. Salani, said that the launching marks a very important achievement for the people of Guadalcanal.

"The MV Solomone will be servicing the people, transporting passengers and, more importantly, market produce to Honiara," said Mr. Salani.

Mr. Salani expressed his sincere appreciation to the Republic of China for their kind assistance. Mr. Salani also appealed to his people to look after the ship in its daily use because everyone has a responsibility to take care of it.

Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, in congratulating his people from the Guadalcanal Province, said that the ship would certainly bring many benefits. He stressed that in order for the Guadalcanal shipping service to run smoothly, it is important that rules established to govern the ship are respected.