An elder from Guadalcanal is concerned about the way of life in the rural community nowadays.

Mr Abraham Soke from Tanapegu says communities no longer uphold community rules and it is sad to see good practices starting to disappear. He says communities were usually shaped and guided with cultural norms.

Cultural norms are defined as the standards people live by. Cultural norms are described as shared expectations and rules that guide behaviour of people within social groups.

It is said to be learned and reinforced from parents, friends, teachers and others while growing up in a society.

"Now I notice youths just do whatever they wish to do. This is a sad thing to happen in the community. Cultural norms should be the key to guide the way for people to live together in the community’’, Soke says.

He says people will continue to work together and live in harmony in a peaceful community if these standards are upheld.

Soke says because these standards are missing, communities are disorganized with social problems on the rise.

The 74 year old Soke says he grew up in a community where cultural norms were practiced, shaping the society in which he lived in.

"In the past norms and culture shape people’s behaviour. They ensure the people live in a peaceful and happy community. There are no social behaviour issues. People respect each other and the community is free from alcohol. People adhere to most of the community rules”, Soke says.

He urges the community and Sahalu House of chiefs, leaders as well as church leaders to try and bring back some of the cultural norms of their society.

In 2018 during a forum held in West Guadalcanal says issues relating to alcohol consumption, violence in the homes and sanitation were reportedly troubling communities in the Savulei ward.

The same issues are often shared by communities within the Honiara vicinity.

Soke described his community as one that has now sunk into the ocean.