President of Guadalcanal's Provincial Council of Women, Grenta Tome has condemned the recent arrest of an elderly Guadalcanal couple.

According to Mrs. Grenta Tome, the arrest reflects only the frustration of the police for not arresting the actual suspect.

Mrs. Tome says if this is the situation now, all mothers of Guadalcanal in similar situations would have to live in fear of being arrested.

The elderly couple were charged with one count of conspiracy to defeat justice contrary to section 116 of the Penal Code and accessory after the fact contrary to section 387 of the Penal Code.

They are believed to be the parents of Alphonseus Toghovotu who is wanted for the attack on the RAMSI officer recently and a 1999 murder on the Weathercoast.

Mrs. Tome says that criminal suspects are always on the run and their parents are not always aware of their child's whereabouts.

Mrs. Tome also calls on the women who gathered recently to review the draft federal constitution to consider such cases and make provisions to protect mothers with children who are suspected criminals.

Mrs. Grenta Tome stated that this is an alarming issue that has raised great concern and outrage amongst mothers of Guadalcanal.