For the past two weeks the Guadalcanal Provincial Health Division has been conducting a massive campaign on the Covid-19 virus for communities in and around Guadalcanal.

This was confirmed by the Guadalcanal Provincial Health Division Director Dr Joel Denty. Dr Denty says a total of four teams were selected, trained and sent out to communities around Guadalcanal.

“These four teams since Monday last week have been to key priority areas on Guadalcanal, this included Kakabona to Lambi on west Guadalcanal and the Lunga areas to Guadalcanal plains on east Guadalcanal,” Dr Denty said.

He says Covid-19 is has already claimed thousands of lives worldwide so “it is very important that such awareness is conducted inside our local Communities.”

“They need to better understand the symptoms from the deadly Covid 19 virus, and risk factors, even if there are no confirmed cases in our country.”

Dr Denty added it would be important for the executive to source funding support from the responsible Ministry to continue with the awareness throughout Guadalcanal.

‘This would enable us to conduct more awareness, targeting Church groups, women and youths and distant communities. So, we are looking at doing pin up posters and pamphlets, something we can distribute during Sunday service or during awareness campaigns.’’

Meanwhile the Ministry of Health and Medical Services recently announced the DCGA Government has approved SBD$6.6 million to support and train front line workers, particularly in the health sector.

As part of the governments Covid-19 preparedness program nurses from Honiara and Guadalcanal are on a weeklong intensive training on the Covid 19 at the National Referral Hospital.