Plans to hold a major reconciliation between people from East and South Guadalcanal are underway.

Clovia Hao, an officer of the Guadalcanal Volunteers Information link group, stated that at least 17 chiefs from East and South Guadalcanal held their first discussions last month at Purepure village East Guadalcanal. "These chiefs came from as far as Longu and Bubuvua in East Guadalcanal and Barainagho in South Guadalcanal" Mr Hao said.

Mr Hao went on to say that this is quite significant since Andrew Te'e was supported by people from Longu and Bubuvua. "Barainagho, on the other hand, strongly supported Harold Keke during the ethnic tension period". Mr Hao said. "So there is enmity amongst theses two groups"

The chiefs have agreed that a reconciliation ceremony will be held at the appropriate date after chiefs receive views from their people. "The reconciliation ceremony will be based on the traditions of Guadalcanal people" Mr Hao said.