The Grand Coalition for Change Government (GCCG) is making the commitment to introduce the state government system during its term in office.

Speaking at the Western Province's Second Appointed Day in Gizo last Friday, Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Hon. Japhet Waipora, said all Solomon Islands' citizens should continue to support the government to achieve that special goal.

Mr. Waipora assured the people of Western Province that the GCCG is fully committed to implementing the full objectives of the Bottom-Up Development Policy.

He said the recent establishment of the Ministry of Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs, the appointment of the Constituency Development Officers and the adoption of the Personal Viability Program are important strategies in the process.

Mr. Waipora stressed that in preparation for state government, provinces must have in place a good and effective financial management with adequate and sufficient financial resources.

The 2008 Budget will provide improved funding for rural-based development of the productive sector involving Solomon Islanders themselves, said Mr Waipora.

He added that the Provincial Government Services Grant has been reviewed, resulting in the establishment of a new formula, which will be reflected in the 2008 Budget.

In response, the Western Province Premier, Alex Lokopio, said the assurance has been received with great appreciation.

"It has been the greatest wish of our province to achieve greater autonomy and to enter statehood. We have expended a lot of our financial resources in preparation of State Government," he said.