Review of the Facilitation of International Assistance Act, (FIAA) will be pursued, states Foreign Affairs Minister, Patteson Oti.

In a press conference, Mr. Oti said that Forum leaders at the recent 38th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting in Tonga noted the decision by the Government of Solomon Islands to review the Act.

He said the outcome of the forum meeting in Tonga has raised some issues, which include RAMSI.

Mr. Oti said among the decisions made on RAMSI, Forum Leaders endorsed the Taskforce recommendations and commended them for the support of the Government of Solomon Islands.

The Government of Solomon Islands, prior to the Forum meeting, had rejected the report.

Mr. Oti said the review agenda of RAMSI will be pursued in line with the resolution passed by Parliament during its recent meeting.

"The Special Coordinator of RAMSI has been informed of the review process," Mr. Oti informed the press conference.

He said this process will involve a joint workshop for all Members of Parliament, and an "extensive, nation-wide program through appropriate avenues" will be arranged so people of Solomon Islands will be "fully explained" on the review agenda.

Mr. Oti adds that he will engage in comprehensive consultations with regional countries, informing them of what the people and Government of Solomon Islands have decided on, as to the areas that needed review.

"It should be noted that the rationale of the review is not to get rid of RAMSI, but rather to see how RAMSI can better support the Government of Solomon Islands to address the root causes of the ethnic tension and drive the national development agenda forward, and that it operates within the bounds of our country's constitution," Mr. Oti said.

The review will take place 28th of October in consultation with government members based on eight phases to work from.

Constituency development officers will be the medium in the rural areas for the review.