The government has rejected media reports alleging it to have claimed Opposition MPs, Mr Peter Boyers and Mr Edward Huniehu and defector MPs, Mr Stanley Sofu and Mr Sam Idurii.

Following the constant defections of MP's, the Prime Minister announced that he maintained a clear majority to remain in Office and thereon, the government has refrained from participating in the media numbers game which only serves to confuse the public and support the Opposition's misleading propaganda campaign.

The true test of numbers will be demonstrated on the floor of Parliament and not before as there are a number of MP's who have committed to both the Government and Opposition, which no amount of media speculation can decide over.

The media reports alleging that the government claimed the named MPs were purely fabricated as the Government never confirmed or submitted any release to the media.

Meanwhile, the government also rejects the media report claiming the new Finance and Treasury Minister, terminated Honiara Lawyer, Gabriel Suri, as a Director on the Board of ICSI.

Contrary to the report, the Attorney General's Chambers has confirmed that Mr. Suri was sacked by the former Finance and Treasury Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, while the current Minister, Hon. Francis Zama, only implemented the directive authorized by the previous Minister for Finance and Treasury.

The truth will stand and the Government will stand firm on the truth despite the false allegations circulated by the Opposition and defecting Ministers, such as Hon. Darcy, who has yet to answer for his misappropriation of public funds.