Preparation for consultation talks between the Government and RAMSI leaders is still in the process, despite major disagreement between the two parties.

The Government's Special Envoy to RAMSI, Mr. Michael Maina, said preparation for facilitating the process of the next round of consultation meeting is progressing well.

He said successful discussion with the Special Coordinator of RAMSI, Mr. Tim George, and other senior RAMSI officials from the region took place this week.

Outcome of the discussion will be presented to the Solomon Islands government in a meeting with the Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, and his Cabinet Ministers this week on what the two parties will discuss.

Mr Maina said such discussion is important as many might perceive the relation between the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI as being at an all time low.

He said as a special envoy, it is his task to find a common ground for discussion between the two parties.

Mr. Maina said one of the main issues raised by Mr George and other regional representatives of RAMSI during their meeting was the approach taken by the government on the review of the Facilitation of International Assistance Act.

He said RAMSI respect the Solomon Islands government to review the Act, and will not oppose the review by Parliament.

Mr. Maina said RAMSI's main concern is that they want the Forum review process to be completed.

A significant part of the Forum Review process will be discussed during the next Forum Islands Summit next month in Tonga when a report by the Form Taskforce Review Team Eminent will be presented before the Forum Islands leaders.