Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena said that much as he would like the current political turmoil to come to an end, he does not have the power to act alone in the situation.

Addressing the nation yesterday on national broadcaster, SIBC, Sir Nathaniel clarified that as Governor General, he has to work in consultation with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

"It is clear that the Governor General only gets involved after the Prime Minister has set the day and time, and after he has moved the day and time, he must do this in consultation with the Governor General," Sir Nathaniel said in his nation-wide address.

This clarification follows mounting pressure for the Governor General to call a meeting of Parliament to solve the issue of which side has the number to rule the country.

Sir Nathaniel said that he is yet to be consulted on a new date set for Parliament meeting after the postponement of a meeting scheduled for November 15 2007.

"We know that the Government told us that Parliament would be meeting on the 15th of November, 2007, but the day has come and gone," said the Governor General.

"I would like to leave it for the Prime Minister to talk about his side of things but from my side, it is the Prime Minister who must tell me the new date and time for Parliament," Sir Nathaniel added.

He however stated that "... Parliament must meet before December 31st, 2007 to give the power to the Minister of Finance, and the government as a whole, to spend money from 1 January 2008 until Parliament meets to make the law, or Appropriation Act, where Parliament authorizes all government spending for 2008."

Sir Nathaniel made clear that this is not a row involving the Governor General but a row between politicians.