The curfew imposed in Honiara has been lifted commencing today 10 December 2021 by the Governor-General of Solomon Islands.

In an extra- ordinary gazette, Legal Notice 359 the Governor General of Solomon Islands has repealed the principal regulations that give effect to the curfew that was imposed in Honiara.

"In repealing the principal regulations, the curfew imposed in Honiara is now lifted effective on this day being Friday 10th December 2021," the Government Communications Unit confirms in a statement this afternoon.

The National Government highlighted that this means that movements after 7pm today is now relaxed and people are free to go about their business.

The government acknowledged and thank every citizen for complying with the curfew times.

“Your cooperation shown in complying with the curfew demonstrated the resilience in you to ensure our country does not descend into further chaos, for that government is deeply indebted to you” the government statement concluded.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) further confirmed that this applies to all vessels and those residing in the Emergency Zone area to move freely and do their businesses as of today and onwards.

“I would like to thank those living in the Emergency Zone for your cooperation during the curfew period and to my hard working officers for the job well done," Commissioner Mr. Mostyn Mangau said.

Source: SIBC / GCU