Thousands flocked to witness celebrations marking the Queen's 81st Birthday. Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena used the occasion to highlight issues to do with climate change.

The Governor General said that many calamities, resulting in huge death tolls, are the result of extreme changes in the weather pattern.

Sir Nathaniel urged the government to seriously consider addressing issues relating to climate change as a priority. Sir Nathaniel said that, amongst other things, land issues and locations must be addressed urgently as displaced peoples will need to settle and start new lives.

"We now need to be seen being adequately prepared to begin talking seriously and doing things about climate change. We would need to set afoot massive resettlements for our people from the low lying islands whose survival would be affected directly from the rising sea level," said Sir Nathaniel.

"I am however confident that our good government will not let the matter be left in abeyance for any much longer, because day brings its portion to the reality of the problem being drawn evermore closure."

Sir Nathaniel said to finance any huge resettlement as a result of climate change will be huge and the country will need the assistance of development partners.