Governor General of Solomon Islands, Sir David Vunagi has declared a 'State of Public Emergency' for Solomon Islands.

Sir Vunagi said the State of Public Emergency comes following the pandemic declaration by World Health Organization on the global COVID-19.

Sir Vunagi said Government recognizes that importation of the COVID-19 could be catastrophic for Solomon Islands considering the limited health resources Solomon Islands has.

"Solomon Islands will only be safe if the COVID-19 does not enter Solomon Islands", Sir Vunagi said.

He said the public emergency declared is for a period of seven days.

"However, if Parliament by way of a resolution with the support of two thirds of Members thereof decided to extend that period then it will be extended for a period of 4 months as provided for under section 16 (5) of the Constitution", Sir Vunagi said.

The Proclamation will now trigger the country's Emergency Powers Act.

The Prime Minister will make relevant orders under the Emergency Powers Act.

Further statement as to the implication of these orders will be made in due course by the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile Attorney General, John Muria Jnr clarifies this proclamation does not mean a total lock down but gives power to the government to make decisions to act on measures regarding COVID-19.