The Solomon Islands Governor General has apologised on behalf of the people of Solomon Islands to the overseas delegates of the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts over how the Master of Ceremony expressed himself during the festival opening ceremony.

The public apology follows public criticism both local and regional, on how the MC Johnson Honimae had expressed himself during the opening ceremony.

Governor General Sir Frank made the apology during in his closing address at the official closing ceremony of the festival last Friday at the Lawson Tama Stadium in Honiara.

He says public criticism from within Solomon Islands on the matter has been intense, thus it is only fitting to the overseas delegates.

"We are sad that the master of ceremony at the opening of this festival on the 2nd of July 2012, has been criticised for the manner in which he expressed himself. The public criticism of him within Solomon Islands itself is so intense that I feel that it is fitting to apologize to you the participants from overseas. Should any of you feel offended I do apologize on behalf of the people of Solomon Islands."

Meanwhile the Governor General also hoped that the overseas delegates enjoyed their stay in Honiara.