Minister for National Development Planning and Aid Coordination, Hon. Steve Abana, in a recent visit to Ngarione Clinic in North-West Choiseul, used the occasion to highlight Government's Policy on health.

Mr. Abana was in North-West Choiseul to hand over three staff houses built for the staff of Ngarione Clinic.

Minister Abana highlighted the fact that the government's policy is tied to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, M-D-G, four, five and six.

He said goal four talks about reducing child mortality, goal five is about improving maternal health and goal six is about combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Mr. Abana said that to achieve such a goal it is important that nurses and health workers live in secure and comfortable homes. "This ensures effective and efficient delivery of the required health services to the people."

Mr. Abana also said that having permanent staff houses will go a long way in the governments push to achieve the MDG goals. "This ensures long-term retention of nurses and other health workers serving the people" said Mr. Abana.