Deputy Prime Minister, Honorable Fred Fono, says government will not pay out any Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF) in the first quarter of the year.

He says the government wants understanding of the people who have placed pressure on the Members of Parliament for the funding that normally comes under the rural development.

"Funds for the RCDF comes from the Republic of China (Taiwan) who release funds on quarterly basis, according to the retirements of reports received by the government," Mr. Fono explains to a media conference yesterday.

However, the government is yet to produce a report for the ROC government in order for funds to be released for the first quarter.

"I have given directive for all Members of Parliament to retire the RCDF for 2008 before we can compile a report for the government of ROC to release funds for the first quarter," said the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Fono.

Mr. Fono says the explanation follows pressure on government "so we hope to clear confusion that people have on the RCDF".

He adds that government is putting education as a priority and is to settle the Fee Free Basic Education.