The government is aware of the risks posed by repatriating Solomon Islands citizens from the Philippines.

The Prime Minister made this statement when he announced the country’s first confirmed case of COVID-19 Saturday afternoon.

“We are also aware that keeping our children in the Philippines exposes them to even higher risks,” he stated.

“As a responsible government we cannot close our eyes to the plight of our children and bringing them home was the humane thing to do,” he said.

The Solomon Islands Government started negotiations to bring home its citizens studying in the Philippines when Philippines started partially reopening its international borders in August this year.

“We are prepared for this eventuality. We stand with our students remaining in the Philippines and those in quarantine and also with their parents,” said Prime Minister Sogavare.

Prime Minister Sogavare further made assurance of the Government’s commitment to continue to ensure the safety and well-being of the population.

The public is also reminded to remain calm and stay alert for official updates.

Source: OPMC