Ordinary citizens of Solomon Islands are calling on the government to sort out their political power struggle in the interest of the nation for a change.

In a random interview, Solomon Times took to the streets to hear what people had to say on the political crisis that is heading to its third week.

A housewife, Maggie A, said that the continuous switching between the two camps has to have "hidden agendas or conditions" attached, otherwise the politicians would have stayed put.

She said that if what is happening for the good of the nation, the politicians should know better.

Another frustrated citizen, Gordon Olisukulu, expressed frustration over the 'political games'.

"I am fed up with the political game that has been going on, the leaders should just be serious about running our country and get down to doing something because at the end of the day, no one gets the benefit," he told Solomon Times.

A self-employed carpenter, Willy, stressed on the need for Parliament to set up a resolution that would put a stop to the practice of switching parties.

"There should be a peaceful public protest to urge leaders to do something because we are all educated people and should not act like little children," he said.

A cab driver approached, Paul Manu, said that with the on-going instability, he supports the Sogavare government.

"I support the current Prime Minister because of his strong standing on certain issues, and it is still too early for a change of government so the switching is good," Mr. Manu said.

An citizen, Barry, said that the ongoing current political uncertainty displays "our leaders acting like children".

"Our leaders are acting like children on our politics because they can't seem to make up their minds on which side to support, and keep shifting to and fro," he said.

Most of the ordinary citizens approached expressed favor on the need for Parliament to convene early so that the matter can be sorted, and the government of the day can go about with serving the people of Solomon Islands.