With the recent opening of the World Vegetable Center Project office, many local farmers will be able to have the chance to learn skills at improving their products.

"This is indeed what the local farmers have been waiting for, for so long. We go on with our business without understanding the marketing skills and ways we could improve our productivity. This is a chance at knowing that our dreams would finally come true," says John Doini, a local peanut farmer.

However, Joini Tutua the co-founder of Custom Garden organic farm said that in order for the local farmers to fully grasp the whole concept of farming, the government needs to involve them when it comes to Agricultural trainings abroad.

He added that through such trainings, local farmers could be involved in the discussions relating to global issues affecting farmers and take into consideration ways to tackle such issues.

He also added that this will allow local farmers to have a wider understanding of the farming techniques of other nations, and to see how they could assist each other.

"I believe that producers of crops should be the ones attending such workshops where they will be able to apply directly what they learnt. This is better than sending someone who spends the whole day in offices without much co-ordination with local farmers," remarked Mr.Tutua.

The recently established World Vegetable Center Project is aimed at enabling farmers in Solomon Islands to improve their vegetable production and consumption.