Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua has said his government would support the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, SIBC, fulfil its duties to the nation.

Dr. Sikua made the assurance following a presentation by the new SIBC Board Chairman, Augustine Taneko and Acting General Manager, Cornelius Rathamana on the challenges facing the corporation.

Mr. Taneko told Prime Minister Sikua that SIBC is the mouth-piece of the people and the Government must support it.

Mr. Taneko said his Board will work closely with the SIBC management and staff to support the Government implement its policies.

SIBC's Acting General Manager, Mr. Rathamana says Prime Minister in his respond said he was surprised that the former Government removed the annual subvention to SIBC.

Dr. Sikua indicated that his Government will not only re-instate the subvention but increase it.

Meanwhile, SIBC's Rathamana thanks Prime Minister Sikua and Chairman Taneko for the positive responses they have indicated to him about helping the national broadcaster.