The national government will give additional grant over the subsidised school fees.

The grants include administration grants and remote areas schools.

Director Secondary Schools in the Ministry of Education, Aseri Yalangono, says the school grants will be used mainly for basic learning, teaching materials administration for boarding schools and small schools maintenance work.

He says this is why it is important that parents and guardians must play their part in school developmental activities such as the construction of staff accommodations and classrooms.

Mr. Yalangono says administration grants to registered early Childhood Education centre is 500 dollars, Primary schools two-thousand -500 dollars, Community High schools five thousand dollars and national and provincial secondary schools 8-thousand dollars.

He says remote area grant is two-thousand dollars each for Early Childhood Education centres, primary, community high schools and secondary schools.

Mr. Yalangono says these grants are paid once a year.

He says schools to benefit from the remote areas grant have been identified and are published in the grants policy statement.

Mr Yalangono says the government is meeting the bulk of expenses in the education system such as the payment of teachers salaries and allowances, teachers travel costs, training and other costs.

Source: SIBC News