Experts from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration, MCILI, and the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, MID, has recently surveyed the identified potential investment sites in Russell Islands.

This is part of the identification and onsite scoping exercise which was carried out by the Cabinet Sub Committee on potential areas for the Government’s reinvestment and redevelopment program in Russell Islands late last month.

The team has visited sites identified for infrastructures and where most commercial activities will occur once development has eventuated on Russell Islands.

The team conducted initial surveys, observations and gathering and recording of relevant information required at this initial stage of the development process.

Sites visited include Yandina Port and airstrip, Pavuvu Township and other identified potential sites in the West Russells. These are hot spot areas identified as potential for the development of tourism, fisheries and agriculture.

Reports and information collected by the team will be submitted to the Government Cabinet Sub Committee.

The Government Cabinet Sub Committee is currently documenting and profiling the identified sites to an investment fact platform for investors guide, and to locally and internationally promote investment in Russell Islands.

The task carried out by the Cabinet Sub Committee followed a recent successful series of The Investor Dialogue held by the RIPEL Cabinet Sub-Committee with Technical people and high-level officials from the Government ministries and the Central Islands Provincial Government in Honiara early this year.

Reinvestment and redevelopment in the Russell Islands is a Government’s flagship investment program stemmed out of the Maralauon Communiqué and MOU signed by the Central Provincial Government, CIP, and National Government in 2019.

Source: GCU