The Solomon Islands Chinese Association says it does not want to be associated with an investor that tarnishes the name of the people of Solomon Islands, more particularly the Chinese Association.

Mr Quan made the statement after Police busted a banned beche-de-mer storage warehouse at Ranadi in Honiara belonging to a Chinese businessman, Tongzi Zhang.

Mr Quan says the Chinese community is not aware whether Mr Zhang is a member of the association or not.

But the Chinese Association Chairman says the association fully pledges its support behind any form of penalty imposed on Mr Zhang "who appeared to have deliberately broken the laws of the country."

Mr Quan says that as a naturalized Solomon Islander he is deeply disturbed that people such as Mr Zhang "think that they can bend the law."

He says that like other naturalized Solomon Islanders who have worked hard to establish themselves in the Solomon Islands, it is disappointing to see recent investors such as Mr Zhang deliberately choosing to ignore the country's laws.