The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) is set to launch its First 100 Days Policy Framework on Friday at the Heritage Park Hotel.

A statement from the DCGA stated that the 100 days agenda is represents the collective priorities of the four coalition Parties that form the DCGA.

According to the DCGA, some of the key priorities include the implementation of the National Statistics Program to improve quality and access to national statistics, tax reform, modernize IRD tax infrastructures, improve structure and customer service through digitization and staff training, implementation of the new minimum wage rate policy and to implement a graduate recruitment program.

Under the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC) the DCGA plans to progress the implementation of OPMC infrastructure projects, including the design of the PMs Residence, facilitate OPMC reform agenda including implementation of the Anti-Corruption Bill, and reform of the Prime Minister’s Office, implementation of the 2023 Pacific Games Act, review and amend the Electoral Act and Political Party Integrity Act and progress major national projects, including Tina Hydro, Under Sea Cable Project, Honiara and Munda International Airport Project, and Kukum Highway Road Project.

The DCGA is also committed to address the immediate refurbishments of the National Referral Hospital (NRH) which is aimed to improve the hospital facilities and achieve better health services for the people.

Some of the tasks that were identified and are featured in the 100-days policy framework include the National Referral Hospital Refurbishment in which the focus is to:

i. Ensure the construction of diabetic and special care nursery in good progress until completion
ii. Complete the refurbishment of the old Nurses accommodation into Office
iii. Ensure the repairs and maintenance of the following are complete: Emergency Ward, Maternity Ward, Kitchen, and NRH Sanitation improvement and the New Genecology Ward complete
iv. Ensure the sewerage system upgrade in partnership with Solomon Water is pursued
v. Ensure the tender works and documentation for the NRH car park is done and the tender outsourcing evaluation documentation for the Infection Control Butt (Wash Room) is complete
vi. Ensure the documentation for the NRH CT Scan is complete for funding support.

It is expected that within the first 100 days the DCGA aims to see the design and refurbishment of the old nurses’ accommodation to an office to be completed, completion of the repairs and maintenance of the Emergency Ward, completion of repairs to the hospital’s kitchen, upgrading of the hospital’s sewerage system in partnership with Solomon Water, identify funding for security fencing, refurbishment of the Maternity Ward, improvement of the NRH sanitation and the New Gynaecology Ward, tender outsourcing evaluation documentation for work on the Infection Control Butt (Wash Room) and to continue with progress of the documentation for funds for the purchase of the CT Scan.

Other key priority areas include;

1) Complete and submit to Cabinet the National Heritage Bill
2) Complete Removal of Ballalai WW II Plane Relic to Honiara from thief from illegal immigrants
3) Reinvigorating National Museum of SI – Complete all requirements for the Engagement of a firm for the design concept development
4) Completed master plan for Gojoruru Commercial and Industrial Estate
5) Finalized agreements with key stakeholder for the Mamara - Tasivarongo – Mavo (MTM) Industrial, Recreation and Township Project
6) Officially open Office of Tina Hydropower Limited (THL)
7) Finalize financial agreements and financial arrangements and signed with all outstanding financing parties
8) Finalize SIG On-lending agreement with all parties of Tina Hydro Project.

The DCGA remains committed to delivering ongoing and prospective policy priorities in the interests of peace, national stability and economic advancement.

Source: PMO Press Secretariat