The Solomon Islands government spokesperson on RAMSI affairs says the government must lead the process by which the work of the Regional Assistance Mission is wound down.

The comment follows Cabinet's formal endorsement of a phasing-out process, which RAMSI's permanent secretary says will include consultations with development partners, donor agencies and especially the people.

Paul Tovua says it's an opportunity for RAMSI to change and for Solomon Islands to take the lead.

"It's not a one-off thing. You know, when you said timeline that means everybody will stop at a specific time, no, that's not exactly what needs to happen. Some of the prgrammes such as police and security will still be maintained by RAMSI."

Paul Tovua says it's very important that any gaps such as security in the system must be avoided during the wind-down.

RAMSI was deployed to Solomon Islands more than eight years ago in response to the government's request for a regional intervention force to reverse a decline in law and order.