Under Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development Mr. Moses Virivolomo said the Ministry's Rapid Employment Project for this year will target the unemployed youths living in various selected areas in which roads maintenances will be done.

The Rapid Employment Project, a fully Government-support scheme under the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, seeks to improve the roads leading to the Temporary Occupied Lands from the Honiara City main roads.

Mr. Virivolomo said the Ministry of Infrastructure Development has a national criterion for which road that require improvement and repairing are selected for maintenance or upgrading.

"We have a multi-criterion in which we follow accordingly before work is done", he said.

He explained that closeness to social services like hospitals and schools, and connectivity and business activities as well as population are among the criteria to be followed.

Mr. Virivolomo said that funds have already been allocated for this project and work should begin around mid 2010.