The Government has regulated the prices of basic essential goods to control the price in the country through the “Price Control (Product Substitute Goods) Order 2020” issued by the Minister for Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration.

The ‘Price Control (Product Substitute Goods) Order 2020’ was gazetted yesterday.

The order effectively ensures the Price Control Act (Cap 64) is administered effectively and efficiently by placing restrictions on pricing of controlled goods.

Rice products, Beef, Pork luncheon meat, Steak Onion, Soltuna Products, other fisheries canned products, Chicken and other Poultry products, Flour, Biscuits, Noodles, and Sugar are among products whose prices are being regulated.

This is necessary to avoid the commercial sector taking advantage of the current situation to increase the price of goods and services in and around the country.

The Government strongly believes this as an urgent matter, as consumers fear the price of goods and services soar indiscriminately in the weeks ahead as imports are expected to freeze for an indefinite period.

Shoppers must report any breach to this Price Control Order to the Ministry of Commerce.

Failure to comply with this Order may result in penalties or the forfeiture of business license.

The goods list has been finalised and members of the public are encouraged to access it from the office of the Price Control Unit and via the Solomon Islands Government online portal.

Source: OPMC Press Release