Yesterday, a locally owned business, Pidgin Holdings Limited (PHL) handed over 10 Coffee pulping machines and a Kava machine to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development.

Minister of Agriculture and Live Stock, Hon. Selwyn Riumana, appreciated and thanked Pidgin Holdings stating that the handing over of the machines falls in line with the rural advancement policy of CNURA government.

"It is a pleasure to officially receive the Coffee Pulping machines and Kava Grinding machines on behalf of the ruling government. These machines will be distributed to Coffee farmers from Isabel, Malaita and Guadalcanal Province," says Hon. Riumana.

The Minister stated that there should be no reason to stop people from growing Coffee and Kava. Solomon Islands as a tropical country has the ideal climate and soil conditions for such tropical crops.

Mr. Riumana also acknowledged Varivao Holdings, the business arm of Kolomola Community in Hograno Highlands and Sol Popular Kava Exporter also from Kolomola Village for the initiatives and being the pioneers of these two crops.

"Today Varivao Holdings Limited, as a coffee buyer, processor and marketer is still the only outlet for farmers in the country and approximately 50-60 hectares of Arabica Coffee have been established in the Solomons," says Hon Riumana.

He added that half of these kava and coffee are now in production mainly in Isabel, Malaita and Guadalcanal province.

"The Government has done its' part, now it's the farmers turn to make good use of these machines for economic gain for themselves, their entity and the nation," said Mr. Riumana.

PHL Finance Manager, Mr. John Lada, in reply thanked the National Government, the Ministry and its staff for the continuous close relationship. He stated that as the government's choice to have PHL as their supplier speaks nothing less but government's total confidence in local business and companies.

Mr. Lada concludes by saying that such cooperation will pave way for the government to meet more of its objectives according to the CNURA policies.