The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Danny Philip has stated that his government remains solid to enter Parliament next month and defeat a proposed No Confidence Motion and also pass its 2012 Budget.

In a press statement,Mr Philip says that with the renewed commitment on Monday by Cabinet Ministers and backbenchers, he is confident that the government will sail through Parliament with no problems.

He says Cabinet Ministers and backbenchers confirmed and pledged to support each other.

The Prime Minister says NCRA is the government that supporting MPs had helped to build and it would be unwise for them to leave.

He says that there are rumours one of which ministers will resign from their present assignments and support the Opposition. But Mr Philip says his Minister have assured that they will not leave the government to join another.

He says that this is not the time to play around with the country and people.

Mr Philip says he will not bow to calls for him to step down as Prime Minister adding that he is ready to face a No Confidence Motion.

Next months Parliament meeting have been confirmed for the 11th November to the 16th December. This will be the third parliamentary sitting for 2011.