The national Government has assured Solomon Islanders, especially fee paying parents, that there will be no changes to its Fee Free Basic Education Policy.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Myleen Kuve, told SIBC News that government will again subsidize basic education this year.

She says the policy implementation period is for two years and she hopes it is maintained by future governments.

Ms Kuve says that there is an increase in the allocation for boarding schools and schools situated in the urban centres this year.

Ms Kuve says the program supports the majority of the population and it is important for any new government coming into power to maintain it.

While many are appreciative of the fee free education policy, there are teachers that are worried that there is little emphasis on the quality of education being offered to these children.

"The policy is good, but to be honest I think there are other critical areas in which government should also be putting money into," stated a senior teacher of a state run secondary school, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "There has been increased enrolment, which government is saying means the policy is working, but that puts a strain on teachers and the learning environment of these children."

He stated that it would be prudent for the government to look beyond, what he described as its "one dimension" approach, and look at the issue of free education holistically.