Despite calls for the postponement of the trial lockdown by the Opposition group the government is going ahead with its planned simulation lockdown.

The public is being reminded that the trial lockdown will start at 6pm on Sunday 29th August 2021 to 6am Tuesday 31st August 2021.

The public is also reminded that hefty penalties will apply to those that breach orders to stay at home during the trial lockdown period.

The livelihood sector committee has set up a limited food distribution trial for those that face food shortage in Honiara, urging people seeking food assistance to be truthful.

Chairman of the livelihood sector, Michael Ho’ota, says that from previous lockdown experience, they started receiving calls for food assistance after 24 hours of lockdown.

“In the event people really need food they can contact us on phone 28116. But people need to be truthful as resources are limited.

"We will be making food packages that will fit around five people each," Ho'ota said.

The police is also urging Honiara residents within the emergency zone to return home well before the start of the trial lockdown at 6pm Sunday 29th August 2021. This is to avoid unnecessary accidents or being caught up someplace else when lockdown begins.