The Solomon Islands Government is committed to addressing gender inequality in the country.

Speaking at the "International Women's Day" in Honiara Tuesday this week, Minister of Women, Youth and Children Affairs, Hon. Joseph Onika said the Government has put in place gender policies aimed at implementing programs that will achieve gender equality and to address issues affecting women throughout Solomon Islands.

These programs seek to help advance and empower women and girls bring their concerns into light.

The current NCRA Government gender policy recognizes and supports the need to improve equality of access for males and females to basic, tertiary, vocational and technical education and scholarships.

"Women and girls must be acknowledged for their role in the socio-economic and political development of this country," Mr Onika said.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education said the International Women's Day 2011 theme -"Equal Access to Education, Training, Science and Technology: A Decent Work for Women" is relevant to the progress young girls and women in Solomon Islands have made.

Myline Kuve said the country's education sector provides opportunities for everyone, although there are challenges in meeting the needs of peoples living with disabilities, access to education in our rural and remote areas among others.

She said official data has shown that the enrolment in primary and secondary education for young girls have improved compared to boys over the years.

She added that there are still fewer of them attending tertiary education in science and technology fields that the country needs to improve on.

The International Women's Day 2011 is a global day celebrated on March 8 annually for the economic, political and social struggles and achievements of women, as well as looking ahead to the untapped potential and opportunities that await future generations.

Celebrations were held throughout the country.