The Government has pledged a million dollars to rebuild the burnt down Auki Primary School in Malaita Province.

This was announced by Father John Lamani, a member of the fundraising committee, last night during a dinner to raise funds to rebuild the school.

Since the burning down of the school last month a series of dinner fundraisers have been organized. More than SB$200,000 has been raised since the first fundraising dinner initiated by Sir Tommy Chan and Father John Lamani.

Sir Tommy Chan, owner of the Honiara Hotel, says the committee is aiming to raise at least SB$1.5 million dollars in total.

Father John Lamani says that SB$1 million dollar pledge from government, together with around SB$200,000 already raised, the committee will only need to raise SB$300,000 to reach its target.

It is expected that the second fundraising last night would cater for the shortfall.
Auki Primary School was recently burnt down by suspected arsonists, the motive is yet unclear.