The Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services has revealed that it is working with neighbouring Papua New Guinea to recall local doctors working in PNG hospitals.

Media reports stated that the health minister, Hon. Charles Sigoto and its Permanent Secretary, Dr. Lester Ross met with the Papua New Guinea's health minister last month where discussions were based on the proposal.

Dr Ross says there are a good number of local doctors who graduated with degrees and masters that are still working in PNG.

He says most of the students went on Solomon Islands government scholarship but failed to return to serve the nation.

A medical officer at the hospital speaking on condition of anonymity said the idea to recall the local doctors working outside of the country is a good thing for the country.

The country faces shortage of medical doctors, although a lot of them continue to graduate each year.

Some doctors who have spent few years in the country opted to work overseas because of the attractive pay package on offer from the host country.

The question now is whether the Government will provide better incentives for local Doctors to return to.