The Embassy of Taiwan in Solomon Islands has confirmed the attacks made by the government official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. William Marau, as true.

This was following reports by the local newspaper, Solomon Star, saying that Mr. Marau was under training in Taiwan when he lashed out during a drunken stupor at a restaurant, attacking a few people including a police officer and also damaged properties.

Solomon Times spoke to the Embassy of Taiwan's Media Officer, who revealed that Mr. Marau is currently awaiting his verdict as his case is now in judicial process in Taipei.

The spokesperson said that Mr. Marau is not being held in custody and has not been jailed for what he did; however, he is currently being looked after by the Solomon Islands Embassy in Taiwan.

"We are still waiting to receive reports from Taipei on the final decisions. We are hoping that they would deport him so that he is dealt with in Solomon Islands, as this is a sensitive issue," says the source.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary for Foreign affairs, Mr. Barnabas Anga had also confirmed receiving reports of this incident. However, Mr. Anga is still waiting on an official report from the Ambassador to Taiwan, Mr. Beraki Jino who only recently arrived in the country yesterday, for his leave.