Government has offered to pay an eight percent Cost Of Living Adjustment to teachers over the weekend.

The offer has been made during negotiations between the Solomon islands Teachers Association, SINTA and a government negotiating team.

SINTA public and industrial relations officer Johnly Hatimoana says although SINTA has not yet said yes to the offer, it has signed an M-O-U with government paving the way for further negotiation.

He says SINTA is holding a meeting with its members this week to get their views on the offer of eight percent COLA.

Mr Hatimoana says according to sources, government could increase its offer to 12-point-7 percent.

He says the negotiation process is still open, and it was agreed during the weekend meeting that government approach SIPEU on the possibility of jointly negotiating the COLA issue with SINTA.

SIPEU has asked for a 66-point-6 percent COLA payment, whilst SINTA is asking for 18 percent.

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