Pasture work at two major cattle farms in Solomon Islands is underway as the government moves to develop the local beef industry.

The director of Livestock, Barnabas Keqa said farms in West Kwaio in Malaita and Vangunu in Western Province are part of the government’s national cattle projects.

The farms will supplement the Tenavatu Farm on the Guadalcanal plains as breeding centers in the country, where farmers can access steers and bulls grown for the beef industry.

Given the cost of transporting cattle, most of the nation's feed yards and slaughterhouses will be where there are strong shipping services.

It is also an advantage to have them located where there are high plains, ensuring good grazing grounds. .

Beef typically has been more expensive than pork and poultry over the years, with consumers citing strong preferences for the flavor and tenderness of beef over other meats.

In short, beef does not have to be the cheapest meat but it does need to provide the best value relative to price in order to preserve beef demand at record price levels.


With Radio New Zealand International