Prime Minister Derek Sikua has said the government is working closely with women, youth and church groups.

Speaking Tuesday during the Independence Anniversary in Honiara, Dr. Sikua said women development and the provision of opportunities for women to be involved in the decision making process at the highest level is continuing.

He said this will be provided for under the proposed Political Parties Integrity Bill.

Dr. Sikua said under the Bill, political parties will be required to endorse 10 percent of their total candidature contesting the general elections to be women candidates.

He said in youth development and sports, the government is conscious that sports can be a unifying force in the country.

Dr. Sikua said the government is bidding for Solomon Islands to host the 2015 Pacific Games in Honiara and it is hoping that friends in the Pacific region can lend the country their support.

Meanwhile, he said that the government is desperately awaiting the availability of land to build a sporting complex in Honiara.

Dr. Sikua also said financial assistance to churches has been given either through direct funding allocation or funding of church-run activities.

"There is better coordination and cooperation between the government, churches, youth groups and NGO groups for instance the current Solo Idol Competition which is funded under the Minister of Women, Youth and Children Affairs under a certain church group in Honiara."

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