A new government newsletter is now in circulation for the Solomon Islands people.

The Sikua government launched its "The Nation" newsletter to inform the people of what is going on within the government.

Director of Government Communication Unit, George Herming said that the eight paged paper will come out every fortnight.

Mr. Herming said that the newsletter was the first to be published since 1983 when the Solomon Islands government once had its own newsletter in circulation.

He told the Solomon Times that the current paper was the first to be published in the country under the CNURA government.

"The newsletter was published on the 7th of July to mark the 30th Anniversary of Solomon Islands and it will be published fortnightly," said Mr. Herming.

He said that it was published because the CNURA government wants to ensure that information about the government reaches people in the rural areas. "We already have distributors in each province and they are responsible to distribute to villages."

Mr. Herming said that 80% of the newsletters revenue will be given out to the people living in the provinces.

Mr. Herming said that the newsletter is based on facts and accuracy on events within the government information unit, which is necessary to the people of Solomon Islands.